Abishek Murali is a Co-Founder of Leo Aerospace and serves as the Head of Mission Engineering. He develops the software for the launch vehicle’s avionics to enable remote monitoring and control. He is also the primary point of contact with the FAA ensuring that Leo Aerospace receives the proper authorizations needed to perform tests and launches.

Prior to his role at Leo, Abishek worked at NASA’s Johnson Space Center as a software tester and software developer. He supported the development and testing of software tools that will aid Flight Dynamics Officers on console in flight operations for SLS, NASA’s next-generation rocket. Other relevant experience includes performing structural and thermal analysis, FEA, and design work at ATA Engineering.


Abishek received his B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and an M.S. in Engineering both from Purdue University with an emphasis on dynamics, control systems, and optimization. In his spare time, Abishek enjoys going to his local boxing gym, listening to music, and hiking.

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